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Established in 1992

LinkRP Solutions is a financial consultancy that began by providing advisory services on complex files to the major banks in Canada. Over time, it evolved to provide strategic consulting and capital raising services for small and medium sized businesses across Canada.

In the last five years alone, we’ve generated over $150 million in value for our clients who have built up and sold their businesses.

As part of Bluestar Equity, LinkRP Solutions offers clients the ability to have sales & marketing, financial consulting, tax and estate planning, bookkeeping & accounting, and legal work all under the same umbrella.

We bring a practical, hands-on approach to consulting. Our partners and consulting associates have all owned or operated businesses and have direct experience with the issues that typically face our clients as they grow their businesses. 

LinkRP will not only recommend solutions, we will roll up our sleeves and help you implement them.

Our Approach

It's not for everyone

Our approach is unique in that we are not interested in wasting time to generate consulting fees.

We genuinely want to help you succeed. We will work with business owners to overcome whatever challenges they may be facing to help them reach their goal.

For some that means getting a team in place to increase revenue and for others, it’s positioning their company for sale so they can spend more time with family.

Our program is intensive, but we know that it’s successful if you’re willing to make the investment.

And you will succeed.

For Every business stage

Who are you?

Why Us?

30+ Years of

Over the last 30 years, we have created over $1B of enterprise value for clients and partners

Broad Experience

We’ve made over 50 private company investments ranging from businesses with $0 revenue, to as much as $40M in revenue

The industries covered include construction, distribution, insurance, software and professional service companies


We are an extensive team of professionals equipped to offer businesses the ability to have sales & marketing, financial consulting, tax & estate planning, bookkeeping, and legal work all under one roof



We set key data points and measure them regularly to hold each other accountable to the goals we set.

Then we keep measuring and keep pushing until you win.

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