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Building and Selling an Insurance Company in 10 Months

Insurance companies are extremely competitive. In this case, we had the opportunity to team up with a young entrepreneur who had some ideas on how to use technology to differentiate his offering. 

The business was started with very little money. 

The team got their first clients through referrals and negotiated with insurance suppliers to be able to get the products out the door. We provided an initial analysis, and offered to help the founders organize joint venture partnerships with large investment holding companies who could offer group commercial insurance. 

We were a little guy in a field of giants. The team knew that and so did we. 

We systematically worked with the management team, guiding them through a strategic plan

The company was lower in every comparative industry metric we could find on average, but our management team was strong from a sales standpoint. The budget wasn’t there to hire anyone else, so our plan involved partnering with insurance companies to provide the back office help for a fee. 

This way the team could focus on sales rather than daily administration. 

We spent all of our time focusing on the large investment holding companies and ensuring our two key relationships were sustained. 

Within 8 months, the company had grown to $100,000 per month in premiums. 

At that point the focus turned to strengthening the financial reporting so that we could show the customer revenues and sustainability to easily illustrate to a strategic buyer in the insurance industry.

Before the year had ended, a competitor bought the book of business for $1.5M 


Making a big boring business bigger, reaching $500,000 per month in profit 

About 7 years ago, we bought a business that put insulation into residential homes and commercial buildings. It had started decades before, and the founders did a great job of growing the business and investing in technology to be able to monitor the company

The issue was, the owners wanted to retire and move on from working full time, so they were no longer spending time on growth.

When analyzing the business, we realized that in terms of size, it was one of the largest in the country. But, we were not as profitable as other smaller players. 

We came to realize that the management team was missing a head sales manager to work the sales leads that the company was getting.

In order to increase profitability we reduced expenses, along with a strategic acquisition of a competitor 

The company didn’t have a lot of repeat customers simply because usually people don’t insulate their houses more than once. By gaining control over their sales, operation and financial systems we were able to create a comprehensive report that properly showed a backlog of sales that represented more than 1 year’s worth of revenue.

We were then able to rely on this report to implement a process to work through the backlog and show both internal and external stakeholders how secure the revenue would be going forward. 

Within 4 years, profit had tripled to $500,000 per month and the business was sold for over $30M


Increasing annual revenue by 400% through strategic M&A

Our client, a stalwart in the HVAC service industry, had carved a niche over 30 years, generating a commendable $5M in annual revenue. While the business enjoyed stability, the leadership recognized the potential for exponential growth through acquisitions and sought our expertise to navigate this complex undertaking.

We first found a target business offering similar services to the same client base. They agreed to a merger via a share swap. 

Then began our comprehensive research to ensure that the target company would be compatible in terms of operational processes, company culture, and financial health.

We negotiated the merger, striking a balance to safeguard our client’s interests while ensuring the merger proposition was enticing for the target company.

Once the transaction was complete, we seamlessly merged the operations, workforce, and clientele of the two companies to create a unified and stronger entity.

The series of strategic moves cemented the company’s position as a dominant player in the HVAC service industry

Following the successful merger, we embarked on a mission to raise capital for further acquisitions. This involved:
  • Market Analysis: Identifying potential acquisition targets that would complement and augment our client’s expanded business
  • Investor Engagement: Crafting a compelling narrative about the company’s growth trajectory to attract investment
  • Strategic Allocation: Ensuring the raised capital was judiciously allocated to acquisitions that promised the best ROI

We used our methods to complete 2 additional acquisitions, and the combined entities expanded the company’s service areas, reaching more customers and diversifying its service offerings.
In just 2 years, the company’s annual revenue skyrocketed from $5M to a staggering $25M


Increasing stock performance post-IPO to enable a founder’s strategic exit

The company is a trailblazing business that has made its mark by offering an expansive range of everyday products free from harmful chemicals and made primarily from renewable plant-based materials. Their commitment to creating a better planet is evident in their dedication to producing high-quality, environmentally friendly goods.

As the company expanded and sought to amplify its impact, the need for more capital became evident. This led to the strategic decision to go public and further raise equity to fuel its growth ambitions.

After the company went public, we were retained to assist to raise additional capital. 

We assessed the business and realized that because they were still solidifying the patents for their biodegradable plastic manufacturing process, we could raise a small, less dilutive amount of capital to complete this milestone.

After this, we could go to the market in a bigger way to raise capital to fuel larger growth and expansion.

At the same time, the company was looking to complete an acquisition of a manufacturing company with some of the funds. 

The stock, initially valued at $0.19 at the time of the IPO, witnessed a meteoric rise to $1.63 over the course of 2 years. 

The equity raising initiative was meticulously planned and executed. We:
  • Engaged with potential investors, emphasizing the company’s growth potential
  • Highlighted past successes and a clear roadmap for future growth
  • Leveraged its newly acquired public status, which gave investors confidence in transparency and governance

We completed a raise of over $5M of equity and also brought in a lead investor — an institutional fund, that made many follow on investments.

With the stock having achieved a significant multiplier effect on the initial value, the client made a strategic decision to exit

Special Situations

Business restructuring

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We will work with you to guide you through the restructuring of your business operations or financial debt, leaving you with a viable path forward. 

New Business Acquisitions

Looking to buy a business but don’t know where to start? 

We will not only source and match you with the right company, but we will negotiate the best deal for you and provide you with everything you need to close the transaction.

complex issue negotiations

Have you found yourself in a complicated situation and you need an experience internal resource that’s on your side? 

Work directly with an ICD.D certified director to solve such issues as: partner buyouts, customer contract negotiations, supplier negotiations, union disputes, going public transactions and more.

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